Halloween-The Inside Story airing again Jan 16th

I missed this in October as I don’t get that channel(the bio channel,#266 on direct Tv).It’s airing again according to my latest “Halloween” search on my dvr box on sunday Jan 16th from 10.00 am to noon.I’ll definately be catching it this time at a friends house.

Cool…hey harrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiissssssss!!!

COOL!!! Hey, you guys’ whose masks were featured, do you get royalties every time they air it?

I also missed this in October and I was very very bummed. Thank you for posting! I’m for sure watching it this time :mrgreen:

Very cool, I think you’ll enjoy it.

No royalties. A member here asked us to submit pictures and to be honest it’s just an honor to have it featured on tv. :mrgreen: