Halloween: The Inside Story showing in UK!!!!

Hey everyone, not sure if u know this already but apparently a 2 hour documentary called Halloween: The Inside Story will be showing here in the UK as well!!! I think it will be on the 31st October @ 9pm. I can’t wait!!! Woohoo!!

Cool… should be interesting.

Yeah, I just checked it on my Sky TV guide. They will also be airing it at 2am if one misses the 9pm showing.

Excellent! What channel?

It’s on virgin media channel 242 @ 9pm - The bio channel.

I looked into it and it should cost me £15 a month to upgrade to that tv package, I just got it for £2 :slight_smile: :rock:

It’s on the ‘Bio Channel’ on Sky TV.

Thankyou! :smiley:

Just went to set my V plus box to record this…and then the commercial came on!! Even to this day i still get goosebumps hearing the Halloween theme!