HELP identifying this mask

A few weeks ago while thrift shopping I found and bought this mask for 30 dollars. It is clearly the Rob Zombie H2 Dream Mask.
But where did it come from and what company made it? It looks custom made on the back it has some markings sculpted on it reads “FFX” and on the inside in sharpie it reads H2 Tormented. If anyone knows where this is from please let me know I’d really appreciate it. Also was this actually worth 30 dollars?

Help identifying this mask that I found at a thrift store.

Could be a james carter sculpt.

Mask is by Ford FX hence the FFX it’s called The Tormented.

Thank you so much, Do they have a web page of any kind? And Are these worth anything ?

There’s a FFX group on FB, you may try your luck there. Redirecting...

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