Help on my H2 Tots mask.

:myers: Hi Guys just wondered if any of you can give me any tips to make my H2 mask look a little more movie like. Thanks in advance guys! :myers:


Are you looking to make it more accurate to H2 or H1?

H2 if possible. Thanks :+1:t2:

Ok, first the hair needs to be matted down. I would also add a bit more weathering and overall ‘dirtiness’ to the mask, and finally, if you want to display the mask, stuff it with some bags until you get it stretched out horizontally, AKA the Dick Warlock stretch.

Ok thanks, any tips on how to get the hair “matted”?

Yeah, I would say wet the hair down with water all over pretty good, then use your hands to press it down and slick it back as you do so. I’ve also heard you can use hair gel to do this, plus the gel will keep it in place.

Thanks man! It’s looking better already!

Looking better already! Abit more weathering and I’m there! Cheers man​:+1:t2::hocho::jack_o_lantern:

No problem at all man, happy to help :slight_smile: it does look better!