_Thanks for looking. Wish I had the Castle head, but I dont. This is as good as my face will let this mask look. lol. Enjoy


Wow Matthew!!! Wonderful shots bro. That mask sits so well on your head. Great job on this piece. Thanks for sharing. …ANDY

Aw yeah, you wear that very well & did an amazing job on it. Great shots too! :rock:

Those shots are amazing Matthew!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

H1/H2 it’s got it all.
Sweet pics bro! :sunglasses:

Those shots were a real treat. Excellent job on that beauty!

Great shots Matt! :rock:

Sweet shots Matthew! Now send that bad boy my way for an H1 treatment :smiling_imp:

Wow, Matt, you did a great job with haring that beard! Looks just like Loomis.

Oh, that’s you…

Awesome shots bro, you did a great job on the mask :smiley: Love it

Fantastic pics Matt!!! That is a gorgeous mask man! Great job!

Outstanding, Mr. Mayhem! Yes, yes! :rock:

_Thanks everyone for the comments. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

:laughing: @ Dren. Took a while to hair the beard_

INCREDIBLE shots Matt!!! Total knockouts!!! :supz:

Looks GREAT!! That is indeed a sweet looking mask, and great shots too!!! Have a good weekend all!!

Man,Matt…that mask looks incredible worn.You did tremendous work on that bad boy.You should be very proud :drinkers:

Those shots are too cool 4 skool man :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Is it hand punched hair?? It looks so real!

Damn dude, that’s a good job! That hair is bad ass man.

Look’s great Matt ! I think you pull off the costume shots very well :drinkers: