How long does a Tots Michael Myers mask last?

I’m thinking about getting one from the sequels, and was wondering how long it’ll stay in shape (no pun intended), and not rot. I’ve been watching these movies for 2 thirds of my life, and never owned a Myers mask before.

I own a Ghostface mask that I keep with my Scream 4ks. But I’ve yet to get a Myers mask to go with my Halloween blu ray/4k collection.

I’ve seen pictures of the screen used H1 hero Kirk, and how it looks 40+ years later, and honestly it’s sad to see the state it’s in. It even looked pretty worn out a few years later during the filming of H2.

Is the type of latex used for Tots masks more durable, and long lasting?

You’re better off buying an indie mask than a tots.

If I could, I’d definitely get an indie mask, they’re very high quality, but they go for hundreds of dollars, and there’s no way I could afford that.

I’ll settle for a Tots mask, and then rehaul the hair myself. But I first need to know how long the latex last.

The specific one I’m looking at is an amazing sculpt. Comparing it to the pictures of the screen used mask, it looks spot on.

True! They’re most definitely worth it, though. You can get a quality mask for under $200 from the likes of wMp masks and Sinister Studios. They have economy versions of masks which are still leagues ahead of ToTS’s latex quality. Look up the Hiro by Sinister Studios, it’s a great started mask and can be had for under $200.

I can’t afford $200 right now.

I agree though, some of these indie masks are amazing. The H1 NAG and Creep especially look amazing, and I would love to have those.

The Tots mask I’m thinking of getting is the H20 mask. Specifically the mask he wore for most of the movie. The hair and paint job suck, but the sculpt is so accurate it’s insane.

If you’re just wanting a mask to get you buy then the H20 mask from ToTS isn’t bad! You might be able to find a rehauled one in the FB groups.

Realistically and in my experience you’ll get a few years out of the TOTS masks before they start to harden and go bad. Whatever latex they’re using is really low quality.

I’ve owned 15+ masks from TOTs, not once have i had a single issue. Not one mask from them has rotted or had problems, including ones that are 6-8 years old.

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Do what most people did, start off with tots masks as a foundation then eventually when you get the money, buy a mask from an indie artist that you want, tots aint a bad starting place if you have little funds

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I bought the original H2 back in 2012 and it now has just a little rot right along the neckline, I did wear it a few times and didn’t take great care of it. So that’s almost 15 years, pretty good for a $60 mask. I have about 5 other TOTS masks, some Myers, some not. All 5+ years old. None of them have any rot or hardness except the 2018 which I’ve heard has rot problems- but I did sweat a lot in mine and didn’t clean it.

I now try to wipe and powder (corn starch) any mask I wear now to get them to last as long as possible. Paired with a cool and dark environment, no incandescent lights nearby, and keeping them stuffed I imagine them lasting a decently long time. And if they do eventually rot, I’ll salvage them the best I can into props for Halloween as I do a big yard display

I have a ToTs H2 Michael Myers mask from the original run that deteriorated from dry rot which started at the nose, it was in terrible shape, I repaired what I could, then converted it to a KILLS style concept prop mask. It’s a decent save and makes a scary prop for Halloween fun, happened to 2 older masks also in the past, all from constant direct sunlight exposure which compromised the masks’ materials. If you properly care for your masks, they should last you a very long time. Lessons learned!

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Yep proper care is a must! I’ve heard nonsense claims that TOTs masks are prone to rotting and they use poor quality latex etc. But let’s face it, the majority that have rotted are almost guaranteed due to poor care.

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