How tall should each of the big slashers be?

How tall should the big slashers be?

  • Michael Myers - 5’7"-5’8" (Dick Warlock)
  • Michael Myers - 5’10"-6’0" (Nick Castle)
  • Michael Myers - 6’2"-6’3" (George Wilbur/Don Shanks/James Jude Courtney)
  • Michael Myers - 6’8"-6’10" (Tyler Mane)
  • Jason Voorhees - 5’10"-6’0" (Steve Dash)
  • Jason Voorhees - 6’2"-6’3" (Richard Brooker/C.J. Graham/Kane Hodder)
  • Jason Voorhees - 6’4"-6’5" (Ted White)
  • Jason Voorhees - 6’7"-6’8" (Ken Kirzinger)
  • Leatherface - 6’0" (Tom Morga)
  • Leatherface - 6’4" (Gunnar Hansen/Andrew Bryniarski/Mark Burnham)
  • Leatherface - 6’6" (R.A. Mihailoff)
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Michael Myers - 6’2" (comparable in height to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but should be thinner)

Jason Voorhees - 6’5’ (comparable in height to Hulk Hogan)

Leatherface - 6’7" (comparable in height to Kane or The Undertaker)

Personally, I’ve always felt like Myers should be of average height and thin build, so between 5ft 8in and 6ft, but no more than 6ft. He works better as a stalker type character than a bruiser.

But Jason and Leatherface I’ve always felt worked better being giant, especially Leatherface. Jason should always be over 6ft, but less than 7ft, with a muscular build. Leatherface should always be over 6ft with no height limit, and a bulky build, but not obese. He’s a Texas BBQ boy, he knows how to eat.

Do you think Wilbur, Shanks and Courtney are too tall for Myers? They’re all 6’2".

I think the closest in height to Castle was actually Chris Durand from H20. Not sure about Brad Loree, though.

Like I said, my headcanon has Michael at 6’2", Jason at 6’5", and Leatherface at 6’7". Michael should be thinner, Jason more shredded, and Leatherface chunkier (but as you said not fat).

Kinda, yeah. As the movies went on, Michael began gaining physical stature and in gore to compete with the Friday the 13th movies, but I personally think that Michael works better as a visually “normal” human being. He’s supposed to be the normal kid next door who snapped with no apparent reason. While I respect Zombie’s and Green’s attempts to portray Michael as a more human serial killer (especially the parts of being remorseless, a quiet and weird kid, keeping trophies, and the complete disregard for personal hygiene), I prefer Michael as a supernatural force in a human body. I find the idea of this normal, unassuming man being capable of unconscionable evil creepier than some behemoth.

Anywhere from 5’10-6’4" for The Shape (the heels on those jungle boots gave Nick Castle a little extra height that made it work better, a shorter cast would make 5’10" work, there needs to be some manner of an imposing image compared to the victims/potential victims though), 6’2-6’4 for Jason, and 6’2-6’4" for Leatherface are all fine.
I liked R.A. Mihailoff as Leatherface but part of the reason he didn’t look so out of place was that Ken Foree is also tall, and a few other cast members were around 5’11" (so above average), plus the female lead was above average height for a woman at 5’7".

I think most of the major 70’s-80’s franchise villains need a certain relatability. They were mostly boogeymen and urban or rural legends and serial/spree killers with a heightened sense of reality to them, not like the monsters of the 30’s-50’s (for the most part as some of the Universal monsters needed to blend in with society in their more human forms). The Tall Man is one that needs to feel a bit above the norm, but he (much like Ash in The Evil Dead) had one actor play him every time. Pinhead is so connected to Doug Bradley that it would be difficult to see him at an unusual height, but it could work as well; but Pinhead and The Tall Man are much more overtly supernatural and otherworldly.

Did you think Kirzinger wss too tall in FvsJ? IRL he’s 6’5"; on-screen he was 6’7-6’8".

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this stuff myself. For me I think relative build is probably more important. For example Myers should look lanky and fairly thin not too thick. So ideally in the 6 foot range certainly no taller than 6’3” I thought James Jude Courtney is about as tall as Myers should ever get with that thin build but I feel like he would look best in the 6’-6’3” range and 190-215lbs or so
Jason imho should be a fairly thick imposing fella. So at least 6’2”to maybe 6’5 tops and ideally a solid 240-260lbs.
Freddy I think should be about 5’10” to 6’1” maybe and again a slight build rather thin prob 175-190lbs to capture that look.
Leatherface for me wasn’t crazy tall but kinda tubby and heavy for sure. So maybe 5’10 to 6’1” perhaps and like 250-275lbs or so.
That’s just the ballpark I would put these fellas in.

As for Ghostface well according to the killers chosen from S4-6 I guess he’s between 5’1 and about 5’6” and 110-145lbs LOL (Jill, Culkin, Amber and Quinn)
However the stuntmen wearing the outfit certainly look about 6 foot at least and probably 180+lbs

I always subjectively felt like Leatherface wss the tallest and meatiest. He did consistently have the tallest actors.

IIRC, in terms of height for all of them, it’s something like

Jackie Earle Haley (Freddy, Nightmare remake) - 5’5 1/2" (I was surprised to see he wss so short)
Dick Warlock (Michael, Halloween II) - 5’8"
Sam Strike (Leatherface, Leatherface 2017) - 5’9"
Robert Englund (Freddy, Nightmare On Elm Street) - 5’9"
Nick Castle (Michael, Halloween 1978) - 5’10"
Steve Dash (Jason, Friday II) - 5’11"
Chris Durand (Michael, Halloween H20) - 6’0"
Tom Morga (Leatherface double, Texas Chainsaw II; Imposter Jason, Friday 5; Michael double, Halloween 4) - 6’0"
John Hock (Dream Jason, Friday 5) - 6’0"
Brad Loree (Michael, Halloween Resurrection) - 6’1"
Warrington Gilette (Jason double, Part 2) - 6’1"
Dan Bradley (Jason double, Friday 6) - 6’1"
Don Shanks (Michael, Halloween 5) - 6’1 1/2"
George Wilbur (Michael, Halloween 4+6) - 6’2"
A. Michael Lerner (Michael double, Halloween 6) - 6’2"
Kane Hodder (Jason, 7-X) - 6’2 1/2" - at the time these movies were made. I am aware Hodder is shorter now, presumably due to aging and injury.
Bill Johnson (Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) - 6’2 1/2"
Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974) - 6’3"
James Jude Courtney (Michael Myers, Halloween 2018-Ends) - 6’3"
Richard Brooker (Jason, Friday 3) - 6’3"
Robert Jacks (Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4) - 6’3"
Mark Burnham (Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022) - 6’4"
Andrew Bryniarski (Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003+The Beginning) - 6’4"
Ted White (Jason, 4) - 6’4
Dan Yeager (Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D) - 6’5"
Derek Mears (Jason, Friday 2009) - 6’5"
Ken Kirzinger (Jason, Freddy vs. Jason) - 6’5 1/2"
R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3) - 6’6"
Tyler Mane (Michael, Halloween 2007 + Halloween 2 2009) - 6’8"

All the Leatherfaces are towards the tall end of the spectrum.

I think that too, but whenever I walk around on Halloween night people always comment things like “Hes so tall even like the real one” Im 6’4. So the general public thinks Michael is tall. Which works out for me lol

Check out my list above. At 6’4" you’re taller than everyone except Mark Burnham, Andrew Bryniarski, Ted White, Dan Yeagher, Derek Mears Ken Kirzinger, R.A. Mihailoff and Tyler Mane. You probably are too tall for Myers lol. Just right for Jason though.

I forgot to mention that CJ Graham is about 250 pounds and about 6 foot 3, I think he’s the absolute perfect size Jason.
As for Kane Hodder those numbers are radically off on that one lol cane wear his lifts it’s a well-known thing in the community and you can really tell when he’s walking. I don’t know his real height but I would suggest it is certainly below 6 feet because in his lifts I was still taller than him and I am 6 foot 2. But if you look around in the community you will see a lot of people have talked about how he wears lifts.
I had no idea Gunnar Hansen was so big I didn’t even realize he was over 6 feet learn something new every day. I knew Andrew was a big boy for sure though, good to know!
And yes I know Jackie is not very tall and when I met Robert he was probably barely 5’10” however he’s in his 70s so he probably lost a little bit of height.
Like I mentioned before I think it’s more the relative look a lot of people cause playing and they don’t have to be the perfect height. I think if one is thicker and carries more body weight and has some reasonably good height they will probably suit Jason Cosplay the Best. That doesn’t mean you can’t cosplay others it just means that one will probably look best on your particular build. That’s why I think Myers tends to look better if he is kind of tall and lanky not too bulky, another reason why I thought Tyler Mane was just absolutely way too big but it was a whole different angle RZ was showing. Freddy is probably ideally good as being a thin build as well and a little bit shorter than Michael. But again we all come in different shapes and sizes so there’s no rules on cosplaying. But if you’re going for the most accurate look you can get it’s probably a good idea to try to stick to what suits you best. Cheers to all [emoji482]

Kane is about 5’10" now. But when they were making these films he wss 6’2 1/2". A lot of stuntmen lose height due to spinal injuries sustained from working, as well as natural aging. I met Kane way back in 2000, and there’s no doubt in my mind he was a little over six foot at the time; he wasn’t wearing lifts and I’d have pegged him at 6’2"-6’3".

Tyler should have played Jason or Leatherface at some point.

Read what I said again. Im aware of the heights of the actors who played the slashers. But the general public on Halloween night all think Myers is tall. So it works out.

I will say though, my 6’4 frame does work alright for J-man when I cosplay him

I honestly think you look a bit better than CJ Graham himself here - more obviously tall. Never liked the mask in Jason Lives though - too much like a dinner plate.

Im about the exact 6 ft 2 range and have stood next to both C.J. Graham and Kane Hodder as their current heights both in and out of my costume. (I dont wear platforms or anything that purposely increases my height nor do I want to.)

C.J. Graham is definitely around the 6 ft 3 range (honestly closer to 6 ft 4 than most people give him for.)

Kane Hodder without his boots is definitely 6 ft 0 Vs his Prime height is a different story, but Kane was by far with the boots on is 6 ft 2.

CJ is definitely about 6 foot 3 but the big thing about him is how thick he is. He is easily at least 250 pounds. I think he’s the perfect size for Jason with that thick frame.
So Kane wears lifts, and it is well-known and talked about in the community. He is definitely not 6 feet tall without his lifts. So lifts and boots and he’s certainly over 6ft for sure. He is in great shape, and has a very muscular frame and was also an excellent Jason. Nothing but respect for these guys.

Personally, I feel all these actors have done superb jobs at portraying their roles, however if you all notice most of the horror icons are meant to be of an average height, it’s the vibe of the person playing the part which ultimately makes them monster in size.