How to add a pic from your PC or Phone

If you’re unable to use your Photobucket account or use a provider that only allows 3 pics per post, please try uploading from your PC or Phone.

First click the button that says “Full Editor Preview” and it will go to the next page.
Then click the yellow box below where it says “attachment”
Then an “Add” button will appear. Press that and it will take you to your PC or phone file where you store your pics.
Once you choose your pic, it will upload like the following.
Press “Place Inline” and the link will appear on post box. Press submit and you’re done.

I’m using my android phone to upload pics but I only see preview option, not full editor preview.

You may need to download Taptalk


It works! Much better than photobucket!

Thanks for sharing, Kaizu!

You’re welcome!

I needed this info badly

K, so what do I have to do if it tells me my phone pics are to big?

Resize them :astonished:
Try here



Wow thanks ive been needing to know this as well!


I have been struggling with finding a photo to use as a avatar. Anybody know a good resizer app or site I can use to get my photos to actually fit the size limits for the avatar.

Helps my situation only issue is when I upload my photos are rotated sideways

How does one keep photos from coming out sideways? Some of mind still do that.

Try resizing them or cropping them.

Thank you!

What is the best way to add a “Fade Out/In” transition effect from one scene to the next?

Thank you in advance for the (]help.