How to contact Dela torre or Russell lewis

Hello. Relatively new to myer mask collecting. Got a few TOTS rehauls and entry level Myers masks. Would like to get a nice Clean RZ Myers mask. Looks like Dela Torre and Russell Lewis do the best work. How do i contact them? I see people on here mention there site. What site are they referring too? How can i connect these too about purchasing a mask? Thanks in advance

I bought a mask from one of them a couple years ago. Found a second hand on ebay, but I think you can contact them directly on facebook if I remember correctly. But it’s been years so, take it with a grain of salt, hope I helped.

I believe they both have stopped making masks as far as I know. Dela torre’s website is but you will be prompted with a “closed due to Covid” message. I’ve been wanting a clean RZ mask as well specifically from Dela Torre :frowning:

Does he still make masks? Just tried his site and it looks like it doesn’t exist anymore.