How to get the Nick Castle stretch?

Hi everyone, I’m just curious as to how to get the Nick Castle stretch for my mask while wearing it. Are there any good tips to do this? Thanks

Have an oddly long, thin head haha

That’s true ha ha :laughing:

Nick’s chin actually wasn’t even it the chin of the mask! He has a VERY long face and a lot of hair.

HAHAHAHA. Biggest laugh I’ve have in a while :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Also, it helps to not actually put your chin where the chin in the mask is. Put it farther back towards where the chin turns into the neck!

Thank you very much for those links, very helpful. Also, your mask there looks awesome, truly has that great Castle stretch!

Open your mouth.

I just paded layers of tissue paper under my chin inside my mask until it looked like the castle stretch

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try that!

Great threads! Gonna try this with my Tramer later today…

Has anyone done this with any of the sequel masks? I feel an H6 or an H20 would look kinda cool with a more castle like look to it.

Guys here’s a couple pics of me wearing the mask normally with my chin all the way in the mask. I can’t really tell if it looks more like Nick castle or dick warlock when I wear it, maybe somewhere in the middle. What do you guys think?

Some masks take more stretching than others, if you’re not getting the stretch and you’re using the correct technique, just open your mouth a bit as Dren said. It will stretch the mask down and give the look you are after. Plus the links that Kaizu posted explain everything.

Tighten the back of the neck with some Velcro

For my mask, I get too much of an upside-down pear shape using the open-mouth technique (because I have a wide head :laughing:). I’m going to experiment this year and put some fiber fill in the top of the mask before I wear it so my chin will stretch it a bit without having to do anything.

I usually just stuff a plastic bag into the inside top of the mask before I put it on. Works great.

Only for H2, won’t distort right for H1.

Speaking of the Velcro, I did that to my TOTS H2 and it helped a lot since it was so large on me, but with this mask, it’s a lot more snug, not tight, just snug. So I couldn’t use Velcro on it anyway. I might try the bag in the top of the mask though.

I’ll just post the results I get with my method of padding my chin with tissue paper. :rock: