How to post a YouTube video

As you may have noticed, there is now a “youtube” button in the controls when you make a new post.

To get this to work and display a video in your post, you must only place the youtube video code between the “[youtube]” and “[/youtube]” tags. For instance, the video just posted of a TOTS H2 conversion to an H1 had the web address of:

Put JUST the code after v= between the “[youtube]” and “[/youtube]” tags (in this case it is “oS5_RTqqRAk”).

Here is the code you would put in your post if you wanted to display this specific youtube video:

Hope this helps.

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What about from other places like vimeo?

I’d like to post up some pics and video,but not sure how to do it on here. If someone can explain or make a sticky so others know,would be great

Question to admin: I have just released duh that I’m posting video links to the general discussion section and they should instead be in the video section. Can they be relocated?