HSS Artifact score! Nicer pics on pg 2

Got this during the black Friday special.
I didn’t think I would get another Myers mask :laughing: Such an awesome mask for the price. Thanks Sam!

On with my first post here in zombie forum… :drinkers:

Quick pics with my phone camera

Thanks for looking…

Heard Sam owns the mold, that looks great :astonished: :rock:

alot better paint app from sam. looks great :rock: :rock:

Nice man thats a damn nice looking paint job on that guy. Also we never got those full collection pics :wink:

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Really like the look of this one. Congrats on a sweet score! :rock:

He has the relic mold, not the artifact i dont think

Thanks guys!! never thought I would get another zombie mask after the kreation xombie that I got a few years ago.
Kruse, ill try to post updated collection pics when I sort out the collection room, gotta make room for the scores.

Acording to Sam this is from the artifact mold.

this mask seems to match up closer to the artifact than the relic

Sam has both molds, Artifact and Relic. I came super close to getting the Artifact myself on Black Friday.

Looks like a solid mask. Nice score.

Sam did a fantastic paint up on it. Very old & rotted looking. Like to see the different hair he put on this one as well. Nice score brother! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Thanks! This is the Myers mask that my collection need desperately lol
Ill be taking better pics later tonight

Great looking mask. Sam does great work.

Sweet score man welcome to the artifact club!

Congrats on an awesome score, man! I’m SO glad that a guy as good as Sam got this mold. Not someone who wouldnt take advantage of it or offer them. I hope that Sam does some H2 versions soon!

That mask looks awesome! Nice pick up!

Wow, I’m really out of the loop here! When did Sam acquire the Artifact & Relic molds? Why isn’t Scott/QOTS doing them anymore?

As of October 1, I now have the artifact molds and the relic.

glad you got it man, the mask reaches full potential now :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

sweet man :rock: :rock:


Good to hear Sam!