Well, I finally decided to send my HSS H2 to Scott to have it rehaired and I just got it back today… needless to say, I am VERY pleased with the turn out.

Scott did a great job. :sunglasses: No offence to Sam or anything with his hair, I was just looking for something new.



Looks wayyyyy better congrats on the rehaired score.

Looks good Ethan!

I remember you were telling me about this on FB :bulb:
Sh@t that looks good :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Scott’s hairing is ACE!
Killer shots Ethan :rock:

Thanks a lot Josh, Raymond and Kaizu. I appreciate it guys. :sunglasses:

Glad you like it man and thanks for the support!

Damn Ethan, Scott Killed that thing. I want one now :smiley:

Nice shots Ethan! That mask looks great.

wow this is epic :slight_smile:

DEADLY combination

Thanks again Scott!

Jim, John, silentpsycho, rampageof78, I really appreciate it guys. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to get some night pictures this weekend.

A few more…


MUCH, MUCH better!!

Scott “Dimue” Lambert does it right!!

Looks awesome…

-Big D

VERY Nice…that a great hair job, I like those coveralls too.

Thanks a lot D and thedevilseyes. :slight_smile:

You rock that mask man. Those shots are sick !

Thanks a lot John. :sunglasses:

Fantastic shots, Ethan!!! :rock: :supz:

Looks awesome buddy!

thats actually pretty damn creepy (last pic)…i think it looks nuts jus like tyler…is that axe real?
keep up the good work ethan…best ‘hospital scene’ michael around!