I can't believe my luck

…just by accident I found a place in the next town over from me…that sells used coveralls for $6.00 a pair…all colors all sizes…I was like a kid in the candy store. These babys already have some stains and marks…PERFECT…I didn’t have to do much to weather them up for exactly the ‘look’ I wanted…Post pix later on, when cam quits taking a dump on me…

awesome bro, congrats! can’t wait to see pics! :rock:

Very nice man, Congrats :drinkers:

lucky s.o.a.b lol

yea…lucky s.o.b…lol…about time too, I have just missed out on some goodies…but this time I wasn’t late for supper


you can make a killing on here by flippin em if they look good

they look good, like I said a few stains, marks here & there…but hell…that saves us all alot of work huh?..soon as my cam quits actin up…I will shoot a few pics…if anyone is interested, I can get 'em. I’d say, $ 10.00 plus shipping would be fair price…I don’t wanna put anyone to sleep, as I already put the price I get them for is $6.00…that seems fair, I make a couple bucks and everyone is happy right?

Very nice. Sounds good.

Do you have their address?

NICE!!! :smiley:

the auto part store here sells coveralls fo 8 bucks a pair thats where i get mine for the haunt…

So did you happen to find any BIG MAC’s…lol

That is awesome! For some reason, I am obsessed with the coveralls. I love a good pair of coveralls.

Going back over today…I will post some pix, when I get back… from trip to the Flight 93 Memorial today… Afterwords …Over to the airport to see, 3 WW 2 planes coming in for "Wings Of Freedom "tour. A B -17, the B -24 “Witchcraft”( the last remaining one in the world that’s flying) and a Dual control P -51 Mustang…that you can fly…imagine $3,000 for 1 hour

…I got 2 pair …one charcoal grey Big Mac…one blue red kap…gotta get cam fixed up,shoot some pix