I Just Found A Blooper (At Least It's A New One, To Me)

As I always do this time of year, I just started watching Halloween for the 3rd or 4th time this season…and I just noticed something. Michael is walking around outside of his house, while his sister is inside with her boyfriend. She says that Michael is around the house somewhere. So, it would appear that she was, or at least was supposed to be, babysitting Michael, correct ?

Okay. But then that would put this at odds with Halloween 6, where the old lady says SHE was babysitting Michael that night. They both can’t have been babysitting him.

continuity error

Mrs. Blankenship was babysitting Michael and Judith came home with her boyfriend for a quickie and Mrs. B was dropping a deuce while Judith and the Minute Man got in on and Michael killed Judith.

That’s my new head canon.

Mrs Blankenship took over after her boyfriend dropped his load so quickly and brought her to climax. She then pole vaulted out the window and went to Russellville to catch a quick night of disco dancing where she picked up a hitchhiker and ate his brain with some cool whip. At least I think that’s canon.

Mrs. Blankenship is 87!

Wait, wrong thread! :laughing:

For continuity sake, I always assumed Mrs. Blankenship was babysitting with Michael earlier in the evening. Maybe she was watching him, took him trick or treating, and then once she brought him back home, she left and Judith took over. Well, she was supposed to have taken over, but had Mr. Stripey shirt guy over, instead.

Again, all for continuity sake. Otherwise, I tend to ignore any details from the later films when watching the original. I consider it a one and done. Perfection as is.