I put together a Part 2 Jason!

I recently found out I’m the same height and close to build as Steve Daskewisz, who played Jason in Part 2. As it’s not often you come across a major slasher actor under the 6ft mark, I took the opportunity to put a costume together. I was able to find the correct style of vintage Lee’s overalls in my size, and subbed a Jach’s flannel shirt with a close pattern for the shirt. For the mask, I used an old pillow case and a pair of grey shoe laces. Took some sewing to get it to fit, but I’m really proud of how it turned out. I stomped it around in the dirt some to get it looking filthy and nasty. I’m particularly fond of how lumpy it turned out. It gives the impression the head underneath is deformed…

I’ll be spending this weekend trying to get the overalls and shirt faded and dirty looking. I’ve already started a bit, but any additional tips to really bring out the dirt would be nice.

Also, as it would turn out, I already have the pitchfork and the 48910 Dexter knife. My folks used to go antiquing a lot, and we’ve been using the pitchfork as an Autumn display decoration.

I’m still debating on whether to pick up the Roughouts. I’d like to get a pair from At The Front, who makes theirs using original WWII patterns, and they’re Made in USA. They’ve recently found a new manufacturer, and it looks like they may have some Type IIIs in by Summer. In the mean time, I have a pair of Carolina Loggers in a color fairly closed to dubbed Type IIIs that will work for now.