I was Dick Warlock from Halloween II

Last Saturday I dressed up like Myers from Halloween II for Halloween. In our neighborhood, little did I know, about 5 houses did this also…had someone dressed as Myers giving out candy. All we did was put a huge 40x60 Halloween II poster outside and played the soundtrack from the movie with me wondering around. Not much really. I had people freaking out! I kept being referred to as the real Michael Myers and that made the costume worth while…big smile from under the mask. We kept running out of candy so my wife kept going to the store. I counted at least 350 to 400 trick or treaters; that BLOWS away the 20 to 30 we got back in Illinois.

I wore a Nightmare and put on a winter stocking hat to give the mask that Dick Warlock bushy hair wider look that he had back in 1981. I think it worked well. I wore the exact same coveralls and as close as I could get, boots. (That is another topic to be talked about soon…)

On with the pics.

I took at hallway shot and I noticed this looks like the Halloween 4 bookcover shot, minus the darker shading.

Lookin good Billy Ray!!! Cheers man! Great shots

Fantastic man, that’s the kind of costume that puts fear in people, makes them double take and think…no he isn’t real.

He looks awfully damn convincing though…

WOW!!! :open_mouth: One of the best H2 looking costplays here on board. Simple and evil, man. I really like it and the idea with the winter stocking hat! :rock:

Even in “selfie-style” those pics look great. Well done.

Best H2 look I’ve ever seen. Great job Billy.

Nice setup and great job with getting the right stuffing for the H2 look with the mask Billy!


Looking good. Got a scalpel?

Great story and awesome shots Billy!
Yea that’s what it’s all about :rock:

Great costume, Billy! The Nightmare works wonderfully as an H1 or H2. The real Michael Myers! :rock:


Great stuff and great looking costume.

That looks really good Billy! I still miss that mask.

Amazing look.

Great shots and great costume, the cap really does its’ job.
350-400 trick or treaters is a ton. That’s like back when I was a child type numbers. Likely 100-150 more as my area is surrounded by water and the roads are from the 1600’s-1920’s with a relatively busy one cutting off my section, so a lot of kids would have not been able to cross the road by their parents’ decree. I had around 150 this year and that was the best count since the 1990’s.

Very Well Sir. That does look like the book cover.

Great costume shots :rock:

Great stuff brother!! The others in your hood probably all had cheesy Myers masks and dont have the love of the character that you (we) do. You no doubt took it to that next level that is not understood by the casual Halloween lovers. The contest was over before it began. You live this stuff, so your neighbors never stood a chance. Good job buddy!!!