Identifying this Jason mask

I bought this Part 8 Jason hock off of mercari about a year ago, and I’m curious as to made it. I suspect it’s an early fan made mask, and possibly done by an old company naked “Goalie Terror”. It’s a thick resin mask with heavy leather straps. I posted an image of another user’s Goalie Terror mask. Any help would be appreciated!

This is near impossible unless there are small signatures within the mask. It is likely a fan made mask but it looks good and if it is of the quality you speak you lucked out. I’m in the same boat with mine :laughing: it has signatures inside and I still have no idea what it is

I hope someone can chime in with some info I’d love to know.

The mask is so thick it could be goalie terror from back in the day, or maybe horror hockey masks two websites that I thought of from way back when.
They had thick masks like that

The part 8 is essentially a recast of a David Miller Creations hockey mask of some sort, and those recast molds have been floating around. It’s hard to say who made it without a signature unfortunately.

Does your mask have any signatures on the inside? That is my Goalie Terror GT3 in the photo, and mine has the artist’s signature in black marker. I haven’t opened the case in ages but I believe his name was Shawn Taylor. I hope this helps. Very cool mask you have there!

Your 8 doesn’t seem to be a Goalie Terror.

Maybe a Silver Shampain Novelties “New York”? Seems to be a similar mold and thickness.