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I have a question, does anyone know how the mask Michael uses is William Shatner impression. Surely there has to be a good story behind this?

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I wish I had a cool story for you but I don’t haha. The truth of the matter is the film had a low budget and a handful of ideas were thrown on the table. All of them were mass-produced masks but in the end they settled on a 1975 Don Post Captain Kirk mask. Bill Malone basically puts it as simply as him removing the sideburns, altering the eyecuts and hitting the mask with white spray paint.

From this was born The Shape. A few backup copies were grabbed if you were unaware also. The Hero mask for example wasn’t the mask at the end of H2, but one of two others finished for the film. And it actually was burned up in the fire

Hello everyone, I decided to join this community because just like everyone else on here, I’m a diehard Michael Myers fan and I enjoy collecting authentic Michael Myers masks from my favorite movies in the franchise. I currently own a Halloween Kills mask and I’m waiting on a Warlock mask from Terry Lambert of CGP. As a newbie in this passionate hobby, I was just wondering, is it typically normal for Mr. Lambert to take so long to make a Warlock mask? I placed an order back in August and its been 8 months and I haven’t received any progress notifications.