Is this a rehaul scam?

Hey, I’m just asking here because I might find someone who has a good idea. So I’ve been a collector for years, and I’ve been rehauling tots masks for my collection since getting others to do them would cost a fortune because I’m from Ireland. I ordered a 2018 mask from phantom masks studios back in late November. I got the mask included since buying one, then shipping it to him and him shipping it back would cost a large sum of money. He sent me only one progress pic since and only texts rarely, however I asked him if I’d have it by halloween this year and he didn’t text back, this was 8 weeks ago and he still hasn’t even opened it. Should I cancel the order and complain to etsy or should I give him more time? I’m running out of patience because he said it’d be done by February, lol its half way through June now…

So if it’s father phantom Studios, they take years at this point to finish work and get it shipped back to you so again if it’s father Phantom studios it is not a scam. He just takes years because he has so much work and I believe it’s only him and one other person, there’s tons of forms on it. You can read about it. People have been waiting three years for some of their stuff to get back to them.

Thanks for the reply, no he goes by phantom mask studios on instagram.

Nevermind he was injuried.

Given the significant delay and minimal updates since February, it might be prudent to consider requesting a refund through Etsy. Be sure to reach out to the seller once more for an update before taking further action. Leaving feedback on Etsy afterward could also help others. Exploring alternative sellers might be worth considering if you decide to cancel.