JC 75 Castle #1 Original Mold

:myers: :pumpkin: Got some worn pics with my mask recently and thought I would share :rock: This is the original Castle mask before the mold broke. Thanks for looking :drinkers:


Looks amazing ! Great H2 :slight_smile:


Amazing mask

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Cool! That makes a excellent H2 :myers:

Not to reiterate what Jay said. But wow! That makes a killer H2.

Man that’s beautiful.

That bottom pic hits the nail on the head! Perfect H2, there!

Awesome shots, the mask looks incredible :slight_smile:

Isn’t this Frankie’s old copy? Fucking stunning!

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That is a beauty forsure man.

Yes I got it from Frankie - It’s a grail mask for sure :rock: :drinkers:

My Lord, is that stunning! More pics, please! :smiley:

Grail H2

:drinkers: Thanks everyone - Here’s a few more

Love it!

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Dude! That’s sick. I had the pleasure of seeing it in person and I 100% believe it’s the closest we’ll ever get. Sick score and congrats!!! Here’s a pic I took while I was visiting!

The amount of detail work is stunning

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Damn man that is an amazing piece!

Yes - that’s my baby :myers: :drinkers: Awesome you got to see it in person

Here’s a couple more :slight_smile: :rock: