JC/98 Proto Costume Shots!

Im in love! This mask is beautiful!

some more that didnt fit

Really really nice copy

Amazing man! And you nailed that pose of Michael holding the knife when he is about to go downstairs to chase Laurie!

THANKS GUYS!! I didn’t even mean to lol I was just getting into pose and my brother was snapping away lol

Fantastic pics!

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Good Lord Colin… Those are awesome pics man :rock: :rock: :rock:

Couldn’t agree more. That’s a beaut

Gorgeous, that is H1 to a T :slight_smile:

Wow great stuff here Colin, but 8th one down from the second set of photos is :open_mouth:

You got yourself a real gem with this mask brother :drinkers:

Thank u guys so much!! I am so happy about this!!

That’s a beauty. Sweet score :myers: :rock: :pumpkin:

Gorgeous mask!!

Awesome pics :jack_o_lantern::+1:

Thank u all so much!! Thanks for checking out the post!! I was so excited to throw these photos up!!

Mask looks great! I especially love the costume shots!

Fantastic copy. 98 proto is still king imo :drinkers:

Thanks brother! I especially love when I get the chance to do a photo shoot!! I love when I get to dress up!!

Oh yeah seeing it in person, holding it in ur hands u can just see how accurate it is and the definition of it is so sharp, I agree man it’s probably the best mask available!