JD / O.S.K Myers Prototype

Hey guys and gals, I bring you the finished JD/OSK Myers Proto. I had lots of help with pointers on the paint-up from our Brother James Carter and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks James, my level on painting just went up a few notches :wink: . Please excuse the crappy Pics from my crappy Camera, no editing, just lightened up a few when needed.

I have been spending a lot of time with my Grandmother/ very ill with stomach Cancer, but will soon be working on the Kirk Proto.

On with the Pic’s…Thanks for Looking !


Wow,JD!!That came out perfect!!That is exactly the way I like an H1…ghostly with just the right touches of flesh tones.This mask looks incredible,my friend and the stamp/Star Trek logo on the back is ALL CLASS :rock:

The face looks like Jamie Lee to me LoL

This is an awesome mask tho! Looks great.

Sorry about your grandmother =/

Great work man! :axe: :axe: -Tom

Thanks guys, and Yes, JohnB-92, Michael and Jamie are related so I guess they are a resemblance there :wink:

3 comments on a prototype…Interesting :confused: …I know its not the perfect sculpt, I know its not screen accurate but being an original sculpt and my first crack at mask design, molding, poring and H-1 paint-job. I thought I did a descent job and I am proud of what I accomplished.


Great job on that bad boy! I see a lot of the phone scene in some of these shots… am I alone? It has a ghouly look for sure man, and I can’t wait to see the Kirk!

More importantly… I’m sorry to hear about your Grandmother! I have an older buddy that has stomach cancer, and is going through treatments now! It’s not an easy thing to go through… not for the patient OR the family and friends! Hang in there man, and I’m glad you are able to spend some time with her! I’m back in town so give me a buzz when you are ready.


Looks awesome bro!! The paintup and hair are incredible! Wish I had an ounce of your talent.

Thanks Alive03 and James it really means the world to me. Yea my grandmothers really bad and watching her fad away is crushing to say the least.

To the few people that took a moment out of there day to recognize the hard work and dedication I put in this project here and in Projects even tho its not perfect and I never claimed it to be… Thank you.

Everyone else that I have supported there threads for almost 2 years and from my knowledge have no Beef with, What the Heck is going on ? … Your telling me there not one nice thing you can say about my whole project. The sculpt sucks, well I know that ! …My first mold came out perfect…that don’t make a Da* … your hair, paint and eye-cuts are Garbage… Well, Thanks for treating me with the same respect I have given you guys for all this time, and letting me know where I stand. Consider this my resignation, and I will never post on this site again. Just one less no-good for nothing A**hole you have to deal with. Justin told me something awhile back and it never made since to me till now. He said he has seen many people come and go in this business over the years because know one sticks with it. I guess they don’t when people don’t show them any support.



This is a very cool, and unique Myers mask, James!! Personally, I’m impressed with the way it came out! I would love to see some costume shots, and I’m also looking forward to seeing an OSK in Kirk form! I also think the “OSK” stamp with the Trek symbol adds a nice little touch. No need to bash your own Photography, I think the pics came out great, Man! Good stuff, Bro!

P.S: I’m terribly sorry to hear about your Grandmother, James… It’s nice to know that you’re spending allot of needed time with her. I wish you, your family, and (most importantly) your Grandmother the best through this horrible time. …ANDY