John Thomas (Andraculoid) - SCAMMER

I’m sure I’m not the first to have a run in with him. I ordered a Karloff Frankenstein bust back on Nov 3 and he said it would be shipped out quick, since he had no orders that he was working on. A month later, i touch base and he says “it’ll be delivered the first week of December”… Nothing. I reach out again and he says a Dec 10 delivery date. Again, nothing. Reached out this morning and he said a delivery date of Dec 17 and to expect tracking sent to my email & through PayPal ASAP. Asked him a little bit ago about tracking & he blocked me. PayPal Claim has been opened.

AVOID THAT POS and don’t fall for his “my life is hard right now” garbage.

Here is his facebook. i delt with him years back and went thru 2 years of hell. good luck.

PayPal refunded me. That coward didn’t have the balls to even respond to the claim, just like every other SCAMMER.