just ordered a destroyer

Hey hey everyone I just ordered from Russell Lewis I got his destroyer mask…wondering what everyone thinks of them and post up pics of yours if you can. Thanks

Aah, now there’s a mask that sends me down memory lane. I remember I joined just as Russell had finished the Destroyer, and set a contest for the name. I remember I suggested some stupid noobish name I probably thought sounded really cool to 16yo me, but Russell chose the name “Destroyer” based on the Kiss t-shirt Michael is wearing in the movie. IMO, a Destroyer haired by QOTS is a rival to a Buried any day of the week.

how was your experience with Russell and his masks…i have heard both good and bad things about the customer service. Just wanted to hear from others.

I’ve never ordered one personally. I was too much of a noob back when the Destroyer came out. :mrgreen: