Just recently carved my son's pumpkin next to my H-78

I felt like sharing these. I thought they came out pretty cool. Halloween is fast approaching, the GREATEST holiday of the year!! :smiley: :smiling_imp:
See Ya!

Great work J-Man,Rockin. :drinkers: :rock:

Wow great job on those bud. always wanted to try this lol


Good stuff J! :rock:

I really like the last pic with the color fading.


Great pics! That H78 is unreal!!! :tonqe: :tonqe: :tonqe: -tom.

Man, seeing these makes me want to carve mine right now! I usually try to hold out until the day before Halloween. I love the long stem on pumpkin on the right.

Nice, J. I dig the “Trekkie” eyes on that one…not that you were going for that but it’s a nice touch. :wink:

I have 12 pumpkins sitting here staring at me, begging me to carve them, but I’ve gotta wait until the Big Day. You’re stoking my fire here, J, for sure! :rock: :rock:

Thanks Tatt-man, longy, anth, psycho-man, Sean, T, gummi, and Katie… :smiley:
Gummi, My little guy picked that pumpkin out for that very reason, dead serious… :wink: :smiley:
I hear ya Katie, maybe carve a couple for now, to scratch the itch? :smiley:
My youngest wouldn’t leave me alone, and then he gave me the sad/choking up look and I gave in! :imp: :laughing:
I couldn’t resist but I did warn them that they would start to rot and the one on the left started FAST, in 1 day… :imp:
That was my oldest’s and now he’s ticked… :laughing: He keeps trying to get me to go back to the farm but I warned him it was to early before carving… They haven’t said anything today, yet, fingers crossed!! :open_mouth: :laughing:
See Ya!

:laughing: Great Job J ! I like the screaming look!!!

Very cool J, they compliment each other very well :smiley:

Thanks Psycho and storm… :smiley:
Always fun with the kids arround halloween! It brings back sweet memories…

Thanks for sharing J, brings the family side of Halloween out in full swing!

I bet your little guy is getting pumped for the big day by now BIG TIME! :laughing:

Thanks Benny! :smiley:
They are definitely stoked. As a matter of fact, my little guys had to get happy meals at Mickey D’s yesterday because of the little halloween buckets they are giving out! :laughing:
They are ready to go!

That’s awesome man! I actually was tempted to get a happy meal myself for that VERY reason. :blush:

Get it! :smiley:
I won’t tell you what I got from there! :wink: :laughing:

Never get tired of seeing that mask J man… Still one of my fav’s and nice job on the carving bud :sunglasses:

Nice job J! Very moodie :sunglasses: Thanks for sharing

great stuff brother. makes me want to get to my pumpkin carving with my girls. we just got back from the cider mill and snagged 3 sweet pumpkins from the patch. it was so much fun and always is. i love to see threads like this and will be putting up my own version soon. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!