Ken Hertlein Ultimate Collection

My 4 KHU! :slight_smile: when you love a mask so much you have to buy 4!!! :laughing: :laughing: :imp:

Nice. I really dig that new one :pumpkin: Any chance of costume shots?

Thanks man! No, I don’t feel comfortable wearing any of my masks. I just buy them for display! Thanks man, one of the nicer copies out there :slight_smile:

:pumpkin: :rock:

Any plans on letting JC rehauling one of them ? I would love some day to see what JC would do with a KHU. :slight_smile:

Man the KHUs are great. Wish I could own one. Your KHUs are amazing man!

That’ll be cool! But i love the paintwork on what Ken did to it, and the stock finishing already is one of my favorites in the hobby!

If Ken sells blanks of the KHU, I’m more than willing to send James that blank for a rehaul! :slight_smile:

They occasionally pop up for sale, but not very often! Just be on the lookout to see one for sale. You can ask owners of KHU to see if they are willing to let theirs go! :slight_smile:

Well I know that they pop up, seen em before. Just that sometimes the cost it outta my budget, seeing that I don’t have a job yet and work with my dad time to time lol.

I’m excited for it to get to you man. You will love that copy.

Thanks man! It’s been delayed to Friday instead because apparently, they incorrectly sorted the package :roll_eyes:

Yeah are damn expensive. Yeah, unless if you can sell some items you collected before or anything in your household that belongs to you that you don’t need, you can make some enough funds to purchase one. That’s what I did

So. Jealous.
Damn you bought that copy? Had actually rounded up the funds but you beat me to it.

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Sorry man :frowning:, I wanted to give an opportunity for someone to snag it since I currently own 3 KHU (now 4). I didn’t had the funds earlier, but sold a mask recently to help cut down some of the costs.

I waited to see if anyone will snag it, but no one did. Thomas copy really shines and jumped out to me, and I couldn’t resist it. The bug got me :laughing: so I had to! :slight_smile:

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Nice collection! Hard to pick a favorite. I’ve sold a lot of high end items in other hobbies over the past year, but my KHU is one that would be extremely hard to part with unless it was an offer I couldn’t pass up. Even then, I’d probably regret letting it go.

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Beautiful mask. Ken took to it to the next level with this certain gem.