KH/AS Question

If one were to sell they new KH/AS mask but without the rest of the package, what would you all think the resale value should be?

Oh boy.This smells like the beginning of a bash-fest :laughing:

Honestly,it would degrade the value you would think.However,the extras are just that to me…extras.They are a great addition to the package,but the value lies in the mask as far as I am concerned.

I’m sure it will end in a lock, but I’m just asking a question. I just want to see what others, mainly the owners, think.

Yeah,man.Your question is actually a VERY good one and an interesting one for conversation.With that said,you know how it goes.People are especially ready to trample this mask with both feet most of the time lately :confused:

They should stick together, when mask is sold the rest should go with it.
If not then $50 cheaper maybe.
Honestly I wouldn’t care if I got the other stuff, the mask is why were are here right?

I think the extras are just a bonus…I think the price would stay the same.I love all kens sculpts, as i do this one.On a side note,I would love to see one painted a ghostly white.I dont think many owners will alter them from their original state though.

My thoughts exactly,Jon.

I’d say it should be a package deal,but I think the price is really for the mask itself.

I was ready to buy it for 765 or whatever it was and I really didn’t care much for the extras. The extras were kind of a bonus plan, as far as I was concerned. Unfortunately things didn’t work out in my favor of getting one.

That pic of Dick in the H2 mask is sweet. :drinkers:

Wait a minute, wasn’t the mask free :confused: And the rest of the stuff was what you were paying for, like that would ever hold up in court if Universal decided to sue :laughing:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Wait for it… Here it comes… wait for it…

“Its only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.”

If I were in the market to buy this mask, I would probably expect to just buy the mask. Somehow the extras would probably get lost somewhere along the line. Much like the display case and documents that came with the DB2 masks. I have only seen one for sale that came with all the stuff that mask came with.

I saw the package last weekend and think the extras should be worth more than the mask :mrgreen:
Seriously, I’m sure the ones who sell their copies will get premium value if everything is included.

Very good point. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Pat I know you didn’t like the mask when you saw it at my place sitting on a stand but if only you could of see me wearing it :mrgreen:

:laughing: sorry Ced, I saw your worn pics and my mind hasn’t changed :mrgreen:

:smiling_imp: see you at the office tomorow morning :laughing: