last minute Michael costume

I was flipping through TV channels thinking about what i should be for Halloween and then i stumbled upon the original Halloween.
It then hit me like a ton of bricks, Michael Myers! However i don’t have lots of money to buy replicas of masks or coveralls so i was wondering if any of you out there knew
some cheaper ways to make a somewhat decent looking Michael Myers costume.

I’d go to a Party City or Spirit Halloween and find a Trick or Treat Studios Halloween 2 mask as they are usually in pretty good supply. A H6, h20 or Resurrection if you like any of those styles if you could find one would be fine too but I have only seen the H6 and H2 in stores so far.

There is also the Elrod and Hospital versions of their H2 masks released this year, I doubt there would be enough time to order from their website maybe Amazon or ebay if you couldn’t find any thing locally.

If you are really on a budget there is a H2 economy for around $20-$30 the others range from $50-$60. I have the h2 Blood Tears in my Display pic