Latex boogies dry brushing

Any tips on how to keep the latex balls out of the brush when dry brushing? Or any brushing really.

Dry brushing usually isn’t done with a latex mix since the amount of paint is so minimal. The latex mix is usually only for the base coats most of the time

Clean the brush with hot water every 20 mins or so, or between paint layers. They come from build up on the brush then stick to the mask.

dry brushing isnt really used w a latex based paint.

Use inks for dry brushing. Dry brushing with latex paints is like dry brushing with lumpy glue.

Acrylic inks right? They don’t have to be mixed with a flexible medium?

Thin them with 70% alcohol and you’re good. If you over do it with the inks you can use straight 70% alcohol to remove the ink you’ve put on. It won’t affect the latex paint.

Thank you