Let's see some H3


Those are awesome! I don’t own any, but where did you get those??

Just the TOTS trio, but I’m glad to have some form of tribute to these great masks!

A couple from this past Halloween

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What masks were these?

This photo is really cool!

2012 DPS. The skull mask glows. Not sure if they all do from that year. I remember reading that the glows were limited.

H3 set - 67 DPS Skull, CGP Pumpkinhead, 2012 Master DPS pull 2.jpg

Love your display, very classy


These ARE the spirit of Halloween. Great photos!

Halloween III is the best film in the series besides the original, it IS Halloween, in every way shape and form.

kinda late , nice masks and pics everyone !

Great shots everyone! I agree Halloween III is one of the greatest films in the franchise, it just has the essence. The films famous factory shot was filmed at Don Post Studios completes my love for this film personally.

Here are my Silver Shamrock friends!! The pumpkin & the witch have been painted my me, the pumpkin made by tots & the witch is a casting off an original 83 Don Post Studios Witch, the white skull is from the original run from TOTS purchased at a convention. This skull is noticeably larger than other production copies & has the faded stamps of Don Post studios on the back flap which others have it sculpted off. The blue skull AKA “THE ICE SKULL” is an original 67 Don Post Studios skull that is the ONLY skull to ever be brought to the actual STONEHENGE!!! :rolleyes: