Lex Hansen Creations

Hi, I am new to the site and wanted to share with everyone my experience buying from Lex Hansen Creations. So he sent me some pictures of one of his Myers masks. It looked really good. The price was 200 and I paid through Pay Pal. Six days later, I received the mask which was crammed into a small flat rate box. I opened the box and the mask inside was so small that it would only fit a young child. It also did not match the video and pictures of the mask that I was shown and the latex was paper thin. Here are some comparison pictures. One is the mask that I was supposed to receive and the other picture is the mask that he sent me which I have placed next to a TOTS mask to show you how small it is. This guy is a definite scammer…beware!

Hi, where did you buy it from? I bought “The OG” from LexHansen a year ago on Etsy and i got the correct mask as advertized on his page, everything went smooth for me with a great replica! Shame your experience turned out to be that bad. Seems strange why he would only scam some buyers.