Looking for some masks

Hi Everyone! I’m new to the site, but I have been collecting for 10 years. I’m from Italy and a huge huge fan of Michael myers and the original 1978 movie. Since 2013 I have been looking for two particular masks: KH/DW and NAG 98 Proto. These two are basically my grails, although recently I may have changed idea and prefer the KHU. Here’s some pics of my collection. I have 3 myers masks

  • NAG Classic 78 Limited Run
  • Nightowl PSYCHO SE
  • NAG H4 Cover
    I doubt it can happen but if someone has one of the masks I’ve been searching since I was a little kid, please let me know cause it would make me so happy :smiling_face:. Thank you and have a great Day!

There’s a '98 Proto for sale on eBay right now.