Mask dents and bends

Hello everyone! I’m currently in the process of attempting to rehaul this funworld RZ Mask and was wondering how I can fix the dents and bends in certain areas. It is bad, yes but I do plan on making it look good. I plan on putting it on a styrofoam head, stuffing it to where it looks good, and then using a hairdryer to heat up the latex and then cool it off so it stays in place. I know that the hairdryer isn’t such a good idea, but it is a cheap mask so it won’t be too bad and I can easily replace it if it does do damage to the mask. Also, extra quick question, would anyone know how to get rid of those tough strips and pieces of hair still left over? They’re very hard to get and will get in the way of the hair that I add to the mask unless I get it all off. (Also that curve at the top of the neck slit was an accident I made, I plan on fixing that with liquid latex if I can)

Sandpaper or some other sanding tool is worth a try.

Maybe test a very small amount of acetone? I’ve read it’s a good glue remover, but it will harm latex if overused.