Hey guy"s does anyone know about Masket case studios ? how long it would take to order something?
ok just wanted some information thanks guys!!

bry is a good person. 4-6 months minimum

sent him several emails and have heard nothing about the blanks i ordered… tommy

:astonished: 4-6 months? :astonished:

Are you joking?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

i thought that was a givin in the mask biz, hell ive waitin 2 yrs once not from bry tho i think they all say 3 months but ends up longer, bry just has his hands full with this and his real job i think

Actually, the HMKs and a few H3 sets are the last bunch of masks that I’ll be doing “order style”. I will no longer be taking orders on anything. I’m changing my format. I’ll still be making masks, but I’ll be doing them at my leisure and then posting them for sale on a webpage (that’s in the works) or ebay. A “You like it you buy it” kind of thing. I’m thinking of just having a one page site and have at the top of the page “Today’s Mask” with a picture of the finished mask underneath. I’ve come to learn that being one person and getting a bunch of orders is not something I can handle. I hate being on the clock, breaking time promises and making people wait. Can’t do it anymore.

Tommy, PM sent.

I think that is a smart way to do it Bry and I’m sure it will work for you and also be less stressful.

“A man’s got to know his limitations” :rock: :rock: :drinkers:

2 years just to wait on a mask that is rediculous even the 4-6 months is outrages just to wait for a mask. NO!!!

I respect you for coming out and saying that you don’t wish to handle orders anymore and it’s not up your alley. I think mask makers should know thier limitations.

For me if I’m paying big bucks for a mask I expect it to come within what the maker or website says and I won’t just order it I’d make sure to tell the maker how I want it.that’s a good way to order it and I’d get a notification saying I’m going to receive the mask.

Hey, he’s only human. :sunglasses:

i always wanted a nice michael myers mask ,i saw masket case studios on myspace so i got one from there…it took a few weeks and i got an awesome TONY mask…

MCS did a Tony mask? Now I’m really getting confused… :confused:

or you could say NAG made the mask and masket case did the finishing touches…

yeah, that makes more sense :drinkers: :drinkers: :rock: