Michael-Myers.net site purchase

Is there anyone in this group who would have any interest in purchasing Michael-Myers.net? Keeping the site intact with the forum, gallery and historical parts is very important as it has been a labor of love for over 20 years. It would include some inventory of the products that are for sale as well. It does take some Wordpress/Phpbb knowledge and updates, or a company to help with that part of the site.

Serious inquiries are welcome to send me an email at:

Are you done?

I want the site to be the best it can be and unfortunately, that means finding someone with more time than I have

I hope you find someone that can take the reigns. How long have you been running the site?

how much does the site cost?

If there’s anyone interested in acquiring Michael-Myers.net, a longstanding website dedicated to all things Michael Myers, now is the chance. With over 20 years of history, including a forum, gallery, and product inventory, it’s a labor of love that deserves to be preserved. Acquiring this site would not only provide a platform for your own love of Michael Myers, but also contribute to the thriving community of fans worldwide.

I am interested, can you please DM more some more details. I know I have been away awhile but am interested.

I’m in certainly. We need this place returned back to form. The new change is awful. This is the last online pillar of the Halloween community with the OHMB gone. Just look at the drop off in activity since the switch. This will kill the format entirely.