Monster Mania Experience!

So , yesterday I attended monster mania in cherry hill for the very first time! And need I say , it was incredible. I walked in and was just speechless…The best part was is that I got to hang out with a few people from the boards here that I can say are really good friends…I got to hang out with

Russ “Misfit”

Matt “Drentheliar”

Jim “Theshape1188”

Thomas “PANTERA”

And I didnt know it but for a good 3 mins I was also standing next to Randy 'Myerstat" and then jim tells me it was randy haha.

I was really planning on getting my ghastly 81 signed by dick but when I was making an attempt to do so…he was leaving for a Q&A but it was worth it…he stood and was talking to matt and myself and a few others for a little which was mind blowing to me because the whole time I was like “wow , michael myers is standing beside me” :laughing: I had a great time and I cant wait to see you all next year!! I didnt get to take many pics at all which sucks but I did get this one taken in “HalloweenNut” 05 Psycho…beautifal copy!

Thats awesome shawn. I’m glad you had a good time. I hope to go to one of these conventions some day.

They are awesome , I’d deff look into it james.

Awesome Shawn.

Id love to go to one of the conventions, but we dont get many up here in canada…Rue morgue is next weekend which is sort of the same idea, so i might try and go!

Im glad it was such a nice experience! :smiley:

Very cool bro sounds like she had alot of fun.

Sorry I missed you brother.There was just so much going on.Glad you enjoyed yourself!!Hopefully we can get together at another one in the future.

Sounds like you had a blast!! Glad you had a good time. :rock: :rock:

Yeah , i walked in to the lobby and you were talking to jim I was standing right beside jim I had a black hat on…and then I was like who is that…oh thats randy haha

Thanks bro , it was awesome!

Nice, Shawn…Bet it was a blast

Good to see you there Shawn.

Likewise matt , next year we will all have to hangout out more

They should have the next one in GA so I can go to it and see what it’s like lol :mrgreen:

Sounds like you had a great time!! Pretty cool that you got to meet a few people from the board. That '05 Psycho is awesome!

very cool man :rock:




Took the words right out of my mouth jim!

:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

I’m glad you had an awesome time!!