Music I can't even put a genre on

Hey gang. So obviously Michael Myers has had an impact on all of us. Unfortunately for me, this applies to my style of music as well :laughing: for a quick TLDR: please check out my song Bad Surroundings

If you enjoy any songs and follow me, not just personally but algorithm-wise it truly means a lot. All of the masks I’ve used as my EP covers are my own. This song in particular means a lot to me but my style is way too raw. My vernacular isn’t exactly going to get me radio play :sleepy:

I don’t do it for the money. It’s mind-blowing to me I average 81 countries monthly. Anyways, if you like this particular song, you’ve definitely had life experience and I recommend my other song “Time Release.” That song is just too dark lyrically for me to post about lol.

Anyways, though it is dark I hope you appreciate the lyricism. I even dropped a song for Halloween called All Hallows Eve. Not sure anyone cares :laughing: but if you do listen I hope you enjoy . My music is available everywhere but Spotify is by far what people seem to use the most. Thanks in advance and I truly appreciate any and all feedback.