My 1st TOTS Kirk conversion . . . . . 1978

I’ve had several people asking me about my thoughts on the tots Kirk as a Myers lately. Personally I think that they make an incredible Myers! Here’s one that I did a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share it here… phone pics :confused:


Fantastic work JC :slight_smile:

This is awesome, what a beauty!

Looks great! I love the TOTS Kirk mask. Definitely my favorite for a low budget Myers.


That looks fantastic!

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they make a terrible Kirk, but a great Myers. hahaha


You turned it into an high end mask, congrats

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I appreciate it guys!

You are a Wizard my man, beautiful work. :myers:

Awesome work man, it looks incredible! You brought that mask to life and then some! Very cool stuff!

JC, please give some tips!

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is the TOTS Kirk able to do the castle stretch tho?

Definitely yes.

Another example of how, in the right hands, these TOTS Kirks can be right up there with the “heavy hitters.” Outstanding transformation, Brother!

Holy! :open_mouth: What a transformation :pumpkin: :pumpkin: :pumpkin:

Weird bump but does anyone know who owns this ?

Nice works james!!!nice to see someone of your talent do this rehaul on a tots. I like to play with these tots cause they are very inexpensive and have potential. Hope u do more bud.

damn looks like a 75k

we all gotta be pretty grateful for this mask company supplying this sculpt to people without paying hundreds. converted up well it looks damn perfect i think