My first ever Myers mask has finally arrived!

After a couple of years and a lot of research in the making, I am now the proud new owner of a NAG Castle 75K, finished by Freddy Loper. I still need to get the coveralls and boots, which is a whole other rabbit hole, but for now the popped collar of my polo shirt will have to do.
I will say this thing had me sweating pretty quickly, after just slipping it on for five to ten minutes to take these quick snaps. As a result, I unfortunately lost Freddy’s signature inside of the mask, although NAG’s held up just fine. I did make sure to give the inside a wipe down, followed by a sprinkle of cornstarch, as suggested to me by Freddy Loper, who was extremely helpful in answering all of my noob questions about mask care and ownership. So a big thanks to him, Nikos, and of course all of the posters on this forum who provided such valuable information over the years.

Very nice mask! Especially for a first. If you can fit the mask on with it I suggest wearing a black balaclava, it’ll stop the pesky sweat and oils from your skin from touching the inside of your mask so much. Also if you wanted to have blacked out eyes they make black morph head/face masks. Similar to the balaclava but it covers your entire face and is see through to an extent.

Nice! Looks great on ya! :drinkers: :rock:

Congrats! It looks great!

Interesting idea. Do you forgo any wiping or powdering the inside of the mask if you wear one of those things?

Congrats. Man… you must be a sweater! How hot was it where you were when you were wearing it?

Well, what probably exacerbated the issue was that I had just taken a shower. I had just come home from work when I picked up the package, and wanted to be nice and clean before I tried the mask on. But I probably should have allowed myself more time to cool.

No I would still always use a little bit of corn starch and used a new medium sized chip brush to brush the corn starch throughout the inside of the mask. The chip brush helps to spread it around and get it into the nose area, mouth, ears etc.

I actually did pick up a chip brush as well when I bought the cornstarch. I got that idea from this forum, when I did a search for “cornstarch.” It may well have even been you who posted that suggestion for all I know.

What is a chip brush exactly? I may have to look into getting one

It’s just a very inexpensive soft bristle brush. It makes it a lot easier to powder the inside of your masks. I just open my corn starch and dip the bristles down in the starch a little bit and basically brush the whole inside of the mask down. Makes things a lot easier and gets the powder all in the tighter hard to get to areas. Just about everywhere carry’s them Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot etc…

great score man! thats a amazing first mask too!

Beautiful piece, Freddy does some really fantastic work on these NAG pieces. :+1:t3:

Ok thanks man I guess I should have figured that one out :grin: I was picturing one of those smaller ones like you would use to apply shoe polish

Would a makeup brush work as well for powdering?

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Yes any sort of soft bristle brush will do. I would just make sure it’s a decent size brush because it’ll save you a lot of time and one that has never been used on anything else of course.

Well it’s one of those things I would normally just have a rubber glove on or have just washed my hands and just rub it down by hand but I had a spare never used chip brush on hand and I thought to myself let me try this and it worked fantastic. I would just make sure to get a larger 2-4 inch brush so you can cover more surface area faster and save you some time and headache. Also like I said a big bonus is being able to easily powder the nose, mouth, chin, forehead and ears the places that really need it.

I picked up this one from my local Walmart for .97 cents. I figure you don’t wanna go too big, because you have to allow yourself room to move inside of the mask. (This brush is smaller than this picture might have you believe. About 7 inches from tip to tip.)