My h1 MASK hallway and staircase pics.

Hey boys hope u guys like these pics. . I think these came out good. Some action shots. Thank you.

Great shots but man I love ur mask

Great job Rob :rock:

Thx guys so much.

I have 4 more masks I want to really try and nail down some good Halloween shots.

Nice shots man! I don’t know what it is, but there is something so distinctly unsettling about that particular mask :slight_smile:

Lol. I rehaul Tots kirks. I’m very close to nikos and most mask makers. I just honour the simplicity of this Tots mold. It’s very close to the original look.I would love to rehaul some high end molds. I just screw around with this crap lol. It’s fun but some what captures the Halloween Myers look. Because I can’t help but think that without film and video editing the original Kirk mask if we all saw it when it was used would be like wtfff lol kind of rough and cheesy. But that’s what makes a great scare and crazy look this mask made all of us see. So to have a perfect looking mask is for your own hobby. But I thank all of you for replying to some pics I take. Thank you :pray:

Thx jay. Your always supportive man. :beers:

Thank you so much. Trust me. When I wear this mask say in the evening when it’s gloomy out. Gives me the wow factor lol. Thx again.