MY HOMEMADE halloween costumes

Whats up guys Ive been slacking on sharing some of my projects, the last couple halloween I made more than one costume.

Two years ago I did the evil ash costume all made from recycled stuff, I only have four pictures cause it was a nightmare putting it all on
The armor is made from white plastic buckets and eva foam
Evil ash 1.jpg
Evil ash 2.jpg
Evil ash 3.jpg
Evil ash 4.jpg

Three years ago I did a pennywise costume the tim curry version. The mask was made from a tots uncle creepy mask.
I went for the battle damaged version from the end of the movie
bridge 0.jpg
bars 2.jpg
bars 1.jpg

bridge 5.jpg
bridge 4.jpg
bridge 3.jpg
bridge 2.jpg
bridge 1.jpg
duo 2.jpg
Duo 1.jpg
bridge 8.jpg
bridge 7.jpg
bridge 6.jpg

Wow. Do you have any photos during the process? This is gorgeous and I’m trying to fathom how the buckets were incorporated. If you didn’t mention that or the foam I’d assume this was some elaborately expensive costume made from resin or a similar hard material. You have some serious creativity and that creative talent was put to great use here. I’d love to see you do an F13th costume. Genuinely mind blowing you were able to make this out of those materials and paint it so accurately on top of it.

mask 2.jpg
mask 1.jpg
duo 4.jpg
duo 3.jpg
swing 1.jpg
slide 2.jpg
slide 1.jpg
park 7.jpg
park 6.jpg

work 4.jpg
work 3.jpg
work 2.jpg
work 1.jpg
tree baloons.jpg
tree 4.jpg
tree 3.jpg
tree 2.jpg
tree 1.jpg

z mannequinn.jpg
swing 1.jpg
slide 2.jpg
slide 1.jpg
park 7.jpg
park 6.jpg
park 4.jpg
park 2.jpg
park 3.jpg
park 1.jpg

Jesus homie. I was writing my comment before this was posted. For those who have no idea. This is the mask he converted. Not a Pennywise mask in any sense.
Obviously we won’t have the accuracy of a $1,200+ bust but wow. That is my personal favorite look from the film. What you did to that mask was insane. I’ve never even thought about if but I am obviously lacking your creativity dude.

The outfit is basically exact and the hair on the mask is awesome. I like the look of this :smile: there’s something special to me about altering sculpts for your own needs. How in the hell did you get the eyes like that? It has a truly menacing look. The way you did the paint on the teeth is actually crazy. This is probably my favorite one of a kind take on the original. The new one was dope but for me Pennywise and Tim Curry are interchangeable. That proper left eye is absolutely crazy and I have no idea how you’ve converted an Uncle Creepy to Pennywise but hats off to you

heres the acid witch costume i made I have a video of it but its not safe for work, its got saggy green boobs that move
Acid Witch costume.jpg
Another year I made a tombs of the blind dead costume
halloween templar.jpg
blind dead costume.jpg
these are from 8-9 years ago
One is a horse skull made from greatstuff foam
Halloween horse skull.jpg
the other is a goat skull with an led candle in the head
Halloween bapohmet.jpg

two years ago for fun I went as king diamond, I hand sewed all of the ruffles and pleats, the cape etc made the bones for the microphone out of wood
king diamond.jpg
Last year I went as the 1984 terminator, everything was hand sewn, hand punched etc all made by me I made the 45 long slide too
term 1.jpg
term 2.jpg
term 3.jpg
term 4.jpg
term 5.jpg

Maybe 3 years ago I made the Friday the 13th new blood costume. I wore platform boots too

I used the tots craigmoor mask as a base, sewed on some teeth on the side some new gums etc

this year I made the 1984 terminator costume I wore it to pumpkinfest in town, When I handed out candy to the kids I made
a scarecrow costume. The axe is made from scrap wood and eva foam, all the ruffles were made with table runners/doileys from the dollar store.
The hood was made from a microfleece blanket and some orange rick rack, everything hand sewn, all the couching on the arms hand sewn
crow 8.jpg
crow 7.jpg
crow 6.jpg
crow 5.jpg
crow 4.jpg
crow 3.jpg
crow 2.jpg
crow 1.jpg
the last was just for fun I bought one of those vinyl crying baby masks from walmart, So i cut it and sewed it up just like ed gein.
Its hard to tell Ive only got the one picture, but theres and ear sewn to the top of the head.
skin mask.jpg

Very well made costumes man.

Maybe it’s personal preference, but that customized Craigmoor truly is awesome. It’s wild how seamlessly you say you sewed on teeth and new gums :laughing: I cannot imagine how long it’d take me. The fact you make these all yourself and the level of accuracy especially considering the minimalist approach you take on crafting them. Truly gifted. I know the Cosplay is more about fun, but especially over here in NY there are tons of people at Comic Con who would pay good money for customized works. Just throwing it out there because people would 100% pay for your help, and it sounds as if you’re not using any metal so even the props are convention safe.

Thank you :rock: I dont have any photos of the process during the making.
I work at a gas station so we always have these empty white and black 5 gallon buckets laying around.
I used the buckets for the base of the armor, I cut them out with a jigsaw then used a heatgun to shape them to my shoulders/chest etc

Some of the armor on the upper arms is made from dollar store salad bowls, cut into shape and bent with the heatgun.
The helmet is a darth vader helmet that I added all they bones and the skull/horns with dollarama foam garden wire
foam wire.jpg
This stuff I bent around the helmet for the ribcage, hotglue to hold it down. The skull ontop of the helmet was made with this foam wire
the whole thing gets a shellac of woodglue and brown paper towels which makes it rock hard

The mask was a chinese bootleg vecna mask rom stranger things, I added the lower jaw and teeth and two protruding jaw bones on each side.

The capes were made from curtains from the local goodwill, I made the shirt from two denim shirts and made the chestflap and french knots
The thigh armor hanging down is made from buckets, with some hotglue and rope for the raised areas.

The forearm guards are kids hockey shin guards from the dollar store, reshaped added the foam wire for the triangles.

For all the gore showing in the costume (where ash chainsawed him apart)
I used dark red bedsheets, coated them in 100% clear silicone caulking and then sewed them inside of the rips in the pants/shirt.
so it looks like shiny bloody flesh. (Thats the same way I made the georgie arm for the pennywise costume)

The outfit was made from baby blue ben davis coveralls dyed toxic yellow, the green/purple/white fabric was 90% hand sewn. I did
use a sewing machine to sew the purple ribbons onto the green fabric.

The costume was finished at the last few minutes before pumpkinfest so I had no time for glue to dry, so most of the stuff is sewn on with upholstery thread.

They eyes are made from two white ping pong balls glued together for strength, then A yellow ping pong ball for the iris I used a red sharpie
to add all the lines, The eyes were sewn in by hand at the corners.
The proper left eye, the 3-d bumpy eyebrow was made with canvas fabric rolled up into a tube shape, held in place and sewn down
all of the acid burn is just 2-d painting no texture just different shades of red.

The three fingered green hand I made from two vinyl monster gloves, I cut off the other fingers and sewed then shut leaving only 3 fingers.
then sewed the arm length of the other glove to give the forearm an extension, The white glove was hand sewn the day of.

The clown nose was from the dollar store, I added all the herpes looking bumps on with hotglue and sewed it onto the mask.
The teeth were made from black pvc pipe, I cut out the entire uncle creepy mouth.
I traced out some teeth on the pvc pipe, cut out the teeth shapes used a dremel to add the vertical grain lines lots of paint and gloss.
You guessed it I sewed the mouthpiece on there by hand.

The screenused vest tim wears has 3-4 flowers embroidered on them, Instead I hand painted them all on with a few homemade stencils.
I didnt have time for glue to dry this was last minute, So the hair I bought a red clown with sewed it onto the mask and the only glue
was some extra hair to cover the masks ears

This was my first time sewing all the ruffles and pleats for the collar and the pantlegs etc it turned out good, now I can make them
in my sleep like the scarecrow costume or the king diamond shirt

:axe: Thank you kurse that means alot, I found some more pictures I posted on another forum
jason 1.jpg
jason 2.jpg
jason 3 robot.jpg
I made both the jason costume and the robot costume my buddy is wearing in the last pic
halloween goat.jpg
This one I went as Baphomet The goat mask was made with woodglue paper mache then covered in brown felt.
Thats the same plywood sword I made from ten years ago its still coming in handy for 3-4 costumes since

The jason teeth on the side, I used “hilbilly teeth” from the party section of dollar tree, sewed them to the mask with fishing line.
new gums and teeth were made with kleenex and speed sew glue to stick it down then layers of latex.

I added some of the bullet holes, i addedd the axe/machete cuts the same way with kleenex and speed sew glue
The leg/arm bones are made from copper pipe insulation, that black foam tube that wraps around copper water pipes.
Shaped and hotglued onto a black morphsuit, the chest/back was a plastic skeleton I added 3-4 ribs to make it fit me
I made the shoulder blades from eva foam and hotglue.

The mask was a cheap chinese hock, I covered it with short strand fiberglass to fill in the holes/eyes, then drilled the small holes added texture.
I used mario mirners book to match all the scratches on the hockey mask in the exact same spots

My buddy armin sent me some pictures of my costumes I didnt have. Some of the pennywise pictures ive never seen.
He found these pics on his phone he’s the guy I made the robot costume for, same year I made the Jason new blood costume.

new 1.jpg
new 2.jpg

His pictures came out way better alot more clear, you can see the mask and the vest etc alot better on the Pennywise