My Life Size Myers

Still some stuff to do… im getting better coveralls with the bullet holes then im adding a little blood :slight_smile:

Nice mask but a little too mustard yellow for my tastes :vom: do you smoke in there? I would def be sending that bad boy off to get repainted :wink: :smiley:


O and throw a black T shirt underneath the coveralls :rock:
I don’t know who/what your thinking of for the blood and weathering but you should DEF PM Jim(TheShape1188) about that. He did my H2 coveralls and I am 1000% pleased :tonqe: :supz:


This is pretty sweet! :smiley:
I dont know why but the coveralls look legit to me although theyre dickies(dickies right? I only believed they were the ones who have zipper chest pockets)
But great job man! :mrgreen:

Thanks man and no i dont smoke in there :laughing: thats the color of the first run warlocks so thats how they were all done with that yellow tint so anyone that has one its like that and yea the coveralls are alright there not dickies there walls i need more accurate ones without the zipper tho need to put the bullet holes in them and a little blood i also will prob be putting a different mask on him im getting a madman 78 painted h2 so that might go on him or my warlock sandman edition thanks for looking!! :smiley:

How much did it run you for him to do the coveralls and did he do the bullet holes and everything? let me know and thanks for sending me in the right direction man

So It’s a temp mask, I see. Well if you do keep it why don’t you message Terry and ask him for an overhaul. New paint and hair and that mask would be 100 times better :wink: These are the Sears and Roebuck H2 coveralls Jim did for me :sunglasses: Check your PM inbox :wink:

I have a HSS 99 Shatner waiting in the green room and that mask with these coveralls is My life size Myers :sunglasses: Can’t wait to set it all up :supz:

Good luck bro



Yea that mask defiantly needs some work, ThornedSamHain those are some sweet coveralls !

yea it needs work if you dont like the look of it thats how these masks were made they are yellow straight up its not cuz its messed up heres another pic of someone elses

I dunno about you…but the best poster is in the 1st pic!!! :open_mouth: :laughing: :rock:

haha i take it your talking about the two girls :smiley: good man :rock: :rock:

Great mannequin! Looks like that mask has seen some sun light in its day.

Im not sayin in a bad way, The paint Just needs some work, the mask in that pic, has Awesome paint !

The mask in the pics is the way Terry painted them in the early runs. Mine looks just like that. I think it was due to rumors that Debra smoked heavily and the mask yellowed over time. Debra was not a smoker, so it was just rumors.

wow thats a fantastic life size so far.

thanks bro check out the updated one with different coveralls and mask :smiley: