Its a short vid,but a cool vid if u ask me :mrgreen:


Keep It Horror,

-Wes Aka D.

Very nice RZ costume man!! I cant tell which mask that is tho?? Its one of the best RZ masks ive seen. Sweet video :rock:


cooooooollll shit man!!!

Cool vid…Dean

Awesome mask!!

:laughing: damn stubborn droors !!

Love those coveralls brother!
I REALLY need to get some rz coveralls for my halloween costume :rock:

Great Costume!!! Creepy!!!

Yessur haha :laughing: :laughing:

Its a Buried mask :drinkers:

Thanks duders!!! :rock:

Deff a cool vid dude, looks tight.

thanks bro! :mrgreen:

awesome vid!!! such an amazing costume and i want to thank you once again for giving me that mask! it is awesome of you! :mrgreen: :laughing:

Very cool video Wes :open_mouth:

Thanks m8 :rock: :drinkers: