My new Halloween film trailer!

Sorry to sound like spam I copied this from my Youtube.

Michael is back and nastier than ever in American Halloween II, Here is our trailer for the movie dropping October 31st—AKA HALLOWEEN!!

I would love to know what you guys think of this trailer, I tried extraaaa hard to deliver the goods!! Thanks so much guys :smiley: I hope you enjoy and hope to see you at the live watch party on Youtube, On Halloween Night!

‘‘After 20 years and a failed SWAT team extraction- Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield in this ultra gorey sequel to An American Halloween (fan Film).’’

Catch the first movie An American Halloween-to get caught up!!

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Pretty cool man! :drinkers:

aw thanks man really appreciate that! fan films are essentially absymal nowadays lol hard to get any reaction or even eyes period

I appreciate the passion involved :jack_o_lantern::beers: I wish I could make one happen!

thanks a million theyre an absolute blast!

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Started watching your films on YouTube and I gotta say two words - really awesome!

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Thanks so much man!!! working on American Halloween III now! Some good actors in this one, finally going back to the baby sitter stalking!

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I helped work on a Halloween fan film ‘movie short’ some years back, learned a lot of new things, had fun, and wore many different hats in the process. It was a humbling experience and I am grateful I was a part of it. Some people don’t realize that it is a lot of work to piece together something that got substance to it, what it takes to get good shots, the editing & the time involved etc., everything is patience first then the magic happens. Best of luck on your upcoming projects, I hope that something comes out of it for you!

That’s awesome!!! Its a fun time haha, I just want to make some cool stuff, I dont know what the end result is but I guess just stick to having fun right!?

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Do what you love to do, have fun, escape from reality and most of all enjoy yourself with it all.