My rehaul now complete, come take a look!

As I posted in the last thread I made, I finally found the courage to go and rehaul a TOTS mask, after two days this is the result! :sunglasses:

The only thing I have to do is style the hair and give it some devil horns near the ears, but the paintjob is done, what do you think?

Just finished styling the hair!

I like this photo in particular

Looking solid man. Only thing I would add is a bit more shading on the lips and nose. Make sure it gets blended well so it’s a nice transition from gray to white. Really digging it though :ok_hand:.

Looks great! I haven’t been brave enough to do much other than style the hair with mine. I really want to lower the hairline and add light weathering, but the idea of messing up even a $60 mask scares me. Did you use any product to style the hair?

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Thanks, I dunno about adding more cause i’m pretty satisfied with how it looks right now, I tried to be as subtle as I could since I like the mask to be mostly white with shadows doing most of the work

I know that feeling, as someone who has been scared of rehauling for fear of messing up 60 bucks masks, i’d say just do it, it’ll be a learning experience, I already feel much more confident now, so much that i’m planning to play with my boogeyman and 2018 as well, it’s just so satisfying to see that factory gloss go away!
If you’ve never worked with a latex + acrylic mix, practice on a cheap 10 bucks mask first, cause it can be tricky to paint with it compared to regular acrylic.

For the hair, I initially planned to rip it, cut it and glue it back but then I thought of just doing the fold method, which worked fine:
-Raise up the front row of hair completely
-With a brush, put liquid latex gradually on the factory glue line
-Fold the front row gradually forward and press down for a bit, when you see that it stuck, move onto the next part of the hairling till you got all the front row folded forward

It should look something like this:

Just put it under the sun for a few minutes, the latex will dry in 5 minutes max

-Fold the hair back and no more factory line!

To style it, I just used scissors to cut the hair on the back a bit, some hair gel for the horns on the side (put it on my fingers and then twirled the hair) and then a lot of hair spray.

It’s really simple but as you can see it’s a world of difference compared to what the factory paint does to the sculpts