My warlock , first little pics.

I see Michael was feeling particularly patriotic today. The Warlock looks good man!

Nice pics man. Good looking Warlock too!

Thank you, I’m french and I wanted to specify the origin of my mask. I’d better pictures with costumes and sets later this evening I turn my short missing scenes written especially for this film mask. I hope you enjoy it even if it is in french, but do not worry there is no any dialogue.

Cool mask man! I like the Warlocks, thinking about getting one. How do you like yours?

I took the classic, I just choose the size, Mr Terry Lambert was free, also I think it has blackened the eye, which is really great for me as I use it in short films.

I have one of these too but the hair on mine is a lot lighter than that. Looks great!!


looks nice!
make sure you post the link to your film :smiley: