Myers before the gym... (VIDEO) CGP/JC FEAR

Heres a quick video I took to show off the details of the CGP/JC Fear…

Looks amazing man! Sweet job by JC! :smiley:

Great mask man!! The best Fear ive seen for sure :drinkers: :rock:


STOP!!! lol your making me regret it mannnnn :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: you wear it well man

Wow! That looks closer to a H78 (unworn)! Great Mask Bro!! Another Fine job JC! Salute! :drinkers:

LOL… Thank you so much Eddie for the opportunity of buying this magnificent mask!!! I can’t stop wearing it… fits so perfect.

Wow…that is one amazing Fear :open_mouth: That is for sure one of the best out there in my oppinion. JC is Da Man :rock:
Thanks for sharing that beauty.

Nice vid!
Really brings out the details in that beauty :drinkers:

That mask looks 10 times better than before, James reallly knocked it outta the park with this conversion…Dean

Awe man I wish I’d got in on this one! BIG congrats on that masterpiece! :rock:

I WANT a fear

:drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers:

Thanks guy, I just ordered a NAG also I’ll take videos of both once I get it to compare them.

Wow very nice bro. Man Eddie I can’t believe you sold that beast!!!

Looks great dude! YAY! :sunglasses:

By far the best looking Fear I’ve seen… congrats on that fine copy.