Myers house miniature with a twist

Hi. I joined this forum few months ago while searching references for Myers house. I browsed through threads and they were very helpful in my process. Thank you for drawing with elevations, photos and info regarding back of the house I could find here. I can finally reveal What I built and I hope you will enjoy the pictures. Here is personalized engagement ring box I crafted for Hank and Jocelyn and they got engaged with it on 1st October 2023. They are probably members here, so Congratulations!. I am not sure if this is something you are interested in here, but now you know it exists. I tried to recreate as close as I can and sorry if I missed something :slight_smile: . My blog post about this project can be found here:


Dude, looks amazing! Great proposal to any horror fan!

Slight nitpick in the website description, though, the original Myers house was actually an I-house, not a Victorian. Though it was a Victorian in H5.

Thank you Davy for finding this mistake. I corrected it now. This is what happens when you ask chat gpt to write you sections of the article about things I have less knowledge about.

Wow, beautiful work. Incredible detail at that scale.