Myers house pics

Most of you have probably seen these before, but for the guys who haven’t:

Would be great to visit someday :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

those a really cool. thanks for posting. i stole em!


My dream home! :smiley:
One of the coolest things I’ve seen!

yeah, and whilst there take costume shots!!! :rock:

To quote Ace Ventura…“This is my Graceland, sir!”

Good ol’ Spook House :smiling_imp:

Thanks Steve i think i hear photoshop calling my name right now

a house here that looks like it, i think

I haven’t seen those ones. Thanks for posting!

Those are sweet pic’s!!!

I have never seen those!!!

Dumb,dumb question,but when were they taken or where are they originally from?

Those are :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I haven’t seen those pics before, pretty cool shots to keep on file, thanks for sharing Steve!!!

cool pics!

seems like i seen that first one on google. hmm…

thx 4 sharing… :slight_smile:


Awesome pictures! :smiling_imp:

Hey Randy, I think those are from 85 or 87 as the house was moved not long after these shots were taken if im not mistaken. I know the house was moved in either 85 or 87… Was sold for 1 stinking dollar :cry:

Thanks Paul.I really appreciate the info :wink: I knew about the $1 selling price,but I do appreciate the secondary on the thought that this was from that era :rock:

Cool pictures… But please respect my privacy !!! :laughing:

I don’t recall seeing these before - good stuff. I like that they are vintage themselves before the house was moved. Dig the shot with the palm tree!

Chills looking at it.
I wish it was in the same location in the same condition. how awesome would that be.
I heard awful stuff happened there once…